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One of the newcomers on the scene, has established itself as a strong and worthwhile affiliate program.  Through this affiliate program you can offer your site visitors great credit cards, loans, legal advice, debt consolidation, and more, from a variety of credit and loan related companies.  You can earn commissions by helping other people to find great products and deals.


Commission Junction CJ Affiliate Program
IOHO, this is the best affiliate program, or top affiliate program (whatever you want to call it) online right now. 
Commission Junction's affiliate program is the best because they have such a comprehensive collection of high quality pay-per-performance affiliates/advertisers.  CJ also offers incredible ecommerce tools for tracking the traffic you have sent to the programs you're an affiliate for, and the money you have earned from those programs.


Become a LinkShare Affiliate
LinkShare is an ecommerce business solution.  They have an affiliate program which has numbers that are staggering (over 3.5 million online relationships). When you become an affiliate of the LinkShare Network, you can earn revenue by linking to over 500 premier online merchants. affiliate program offers affiliates training.  The products you can resell through their program are in the areas of financial services and business solutions.  When you are a part of their program, you have the company's marketing software, RAPS® (Reseller Affiliate Program Software).  They teach you how to market primarily through search engines.  This means that you won't get just website hits.  Your visitors will be consumers actively "seeking" that particular product or service. This website "seeker" traffic is 4-20 times more likely to purchase than the banner surfer.  Although they don't offer that many programs, they offer good programs and awesome training, for those who are willing to spend the time to learn. has a lot of cool programs and a set up that is nice and easy to use.  An affiliate program based out of the United Kingdom, this directory has many sites and products which are different than those featured in many of the directories based out of the U.S.  Check them out!


VIP Profits offers some of the best sports affiliate programs available online today.  Here are the actual earnings for their top affiliates in December, 2003. 

  1. $75,274.95

  2. $33,456.13

  3. $3,724.76

  4. $3,225.60

  5. $2,808.70

  6. $2,741.59

  7. $2,727.32

  8. $2,585.04

  9. $2,053.17

  10. $1,941.37

(As you can see from the numbers, their sports affiliate program works, if you do the work to make it happen.  These are ACTUAL AMOUNTS paid out.)

You may or not find their sports programs interesting, but AffiliateAdvice thinks anyone can get excited about monthly affiliate income like that which is listed above.  Visit VIP Profits affiliate program has many thousands of affiliates who promote products.  How many products?  More than we can count.  Like LinkShare and Commission Junction, Clickbank has many, many programs.  This is a great affiliate program directory and is very easy to use to generate income from your site.  Also, if you have a product to sell, Clickbank lets you sign up and accept credit cards on your site so that you can sell that product to the masses.


Clickxchange's affiliate program
Commission Junction's affiliate web site, in our opinion, is easier to use than Clickxchange.  However, Clickxchange has many different advertisers than CJ, so check this one out too!

ClixGalore offers you access to a variety of affiliate programs, including some featured elsewhere in  If you are interested in more than one affiliate program, or would like to see more about what's available, check out the ClixGalore Affiliate Program affiliate program manager
Affiliate Showcase is a good affiliate program manager.  You can use pre-existing affiliate listings to generate income.  They build you a web site which allows your affiliate programs (ones you've already signed up for, or will sign up for,) to be listed as you want them on the page.  It's like a directory for your affiliate programs.  We would consider it to be an affiliate program manager, which allows you to have control over how well your affiliate programs perform.  The only possible downside we can see to affiliateshowcase is that you have to pay for more control, but if you are someone who already knows how affiliate programs work, and you can handle spending a little for getting a lot in return, affiliate showcase can be very beneficial for you. offers you the ability to build and promote products for some great merchants!  There is a cost associated with getting started in myaffiliateprogram. recommends that more advanced affiliate marketers take a good look at this program and its ability to help you have good online success.


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