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Protect your affiliate links so that others can't steal your affiliate commissions.

Why should you hide your affiliate links?

For whatever reasons, people are less inclined to click on a link when they can see affiliate links in the status bar. There will be more chances of their being able to copying and pasting the first part of URL in to their browser if you give them the actual address.  This certainly affects your click-thrus, as well as your affiliate commission.

Look at something for a moment:

Which will get more click throughs?  Certainly the second one.  It looks like the product link is so integrated in to your site.  People think that is one of your products. 

Here are three methods that you can use to cover your affiliate links and get big affiliate checks.

METHOD ONE: Create redirect pages:

1.Open your note pad or html editor.
2.Copy and paste this code in your note pad and save as '.html' file with a catchy name.

<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Redirecting to</TITLE>
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=https://www.youraffiliatelink here">
<P>You will be redirected to</P>

TIP:S econd line of this code ("refresh" metatag) should be on a single line in your HTML.

3. Upload this file to your server.  Send this URL in your emails or use it on your website.
4. When your subscriber or visitor clicks on the link they will be redirected to your affiliate page.

METHOD TWO: A cool Html Trick that works on your webpages:

Usually, when you build sites, your links are in this format-

<A href="https://www.youraffiliatelink">clickhere</A>

In this way, when you keep your cursor over the link, you can see your long affiliate link.

Instead of the above code, you can use this code-

<A href="https://www.youraffiliate link" onMouseOver="window.status='your text here!'; return true" onMouseOut="window.status=''; return true">Click here</a>

All of the above line should be in a SINGLE line in your HTML file.  Now, when you keep your cursor on the link, you can see the text that you put into the space called 'your text here!' in the status bar.

METHOD THREE: Producing Frame pages:


Actually your visitors see a link like -

But when they click on the link, they will be taken to a page where the top frame shows links to your web site and the lower frame shows your affiliate product page.

<head><title>your title</title></head>
<frameset rows="20%,*" border=0>
<frame name="top" src=""
marginwidth="10" marginheight="10" scrolling="Auto"
frameborder="no" noresize>
<frame name="bottom" src=""
marginwidth="10" marginheight="10" scrolling="Auto" frameborder="no"
<p>This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.</p>

You can also use cgi scripts to make this happen -

Basically these scripts retain a link for your site, but your visitors go to your affiliate site.  They can come back to your site anytime by clicking on the links in the top frame.


So there you have it, three ways to hide your links, get more clicks, and increase your affiliate commissions.  Hope you find this helpful!


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