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Phone and calling card affiliate programs

In the United States alone, calling card sales generate more than 4 billion dollars per year. By 2010, annual revenue is forecasted to reach over 10 Billion dollars! Join this new and fast trend by signing up for a phone card affiliate program and enable your visitors to buy their calling cards through you.  Cash in on what's going on in the phone card and calling market.

SpeedyPin Affiliate Program

SpeedyPin International Prepaid Phone Cards has developed one of the highest paying phone card affiliate programs in the phone card industry.  Whether you already have a web site or not, this affiliate program is easier to launch than any other.  There is also the ability to earn commissions from affiliates who you refer to the SpeedyPin program.  Not only can you earn on your own online marketing efforts, but you can also earn based on the efforts of anyone who signs up through you.  Among many other benefits of this program, the SpeedyPin affiliate program gives you the the ability to co-brand.  This means that you can take your calling card site, and use your logo or banner, which your customers already know, and make your phone card affiliate site look very similar to your current site.

The best part about this program, in our opinion, is that you earn renewal and residual commissions of 10%.  What that means is that every time someone purchases another phone card through SpeedyPin, or recharges their existing card, you earn a 10% commission, without doing the work of re-selling the cards.  This means  Imagine having hundreds or thousands of customers, and you earn 10% off of all of their purchases, for the life of the customer.

  • 100 purchases * a $20 phone card = $2,000.  10% of that equals $200 in your pocket. 

  • 1000 purchases * $20 phone card = $20,000.  10% of that equals $2,000 in your pocket. 

This doesn't happen overnight, but if you work at it, you can make it happen pretty quickly.  (One of the builders of this site earns over thousands/month from his phone card affiliate programs alone, without much additional work beyond what has already been set up.)

Go to the SpeedyPin web site and click "affiliate Program" on the right hand side of the page to earn 10% on all customer referrals.


Cognigen is opportunity. Since 1992, Cognigen been helping people from all backgrounds to earn stable, steady paychecks.  Cognigen is a business that offers products and services that people need and use everyday, for less. The prices that the Cognigen affiliate program offers for phone cards and phone products, really are some of the best, and 100% of Cognigen affiliates/agents either make money or break even, because there is no up-front investment to join.

Click and watch a Flash presentation about the Cognigen agent/affiliate program.

Click here to sign up for the Cognigen agent/affiliate program. affiliate program

The affiliate program has a good understanding of the market and understands that everyone needs a calling card from time to time.  This phone card affiliate program, through is good because understands market trends.  Like most affiliate programs, you make money every time someone buys a calling card from you, through your affiliate site set up by


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