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Healthcare affiliate programs

The healthcare industry in America is a multi-billion dollar industry.  Hopefully, the healthcare system in America will be fixed soon, and in the meantime, what you can do is to help your visitors receive affordable healthcare.


These links will help you to help your visitors get affordable and simple access to traditional and complementary forms of medicine.  Remember, as with any affiliate program, choose one, or a few, which most closely relate to the content and layout of your site (content especially).


BodyCare Healthcare affiliate program
The BodyCare Affiliate Program has the potential to provide you with substantial income over the months ahead.  Of course, for a business to be solid and long-term you need to look after your customers. That's why BodyCare is connected with Nisim Inernational, a healthcare company with great products and excellent customer service.

This leads to a win-win situation. Your customers and site visitors are introduced to high quality body care solutions which really do make a difference in their lives, helping them to look great and feel confident.  At the same time, you are well compensated for the time and effort you put in to recommending these products to your social contacts, customers or web site visitors.
Check out 1BodyCare here.


TracHealth Affiliate Program - Diet Supplements and Weight Loss Stuff
DEEP is the new #1 fat burning diet pill. DEEP HOODIA GUM is a new chewable way to help weight loss. DEEP fat burner sales are still going strong. New Curves sales have experienced a steady increase of 37% month over month.  In the latest commission report, among active affiliates: - average dollar amount commission was $40.21* per sale - top recent monthly commission payout was $6,077.60*. offers aggressive commission payouts that are well above industry standards.

You earn 40% - 50% per sale, depending on which health supplement product you sell.  This can add up to over $100.00 per sale. What's great about this program (if you're promoting diet supplements), is that you will earn full commissions on re-orders, which lets you build a residual commission base.  A TRAC representative is always available to help affiliates. Their marketing materials are frequently updated to improve sales, and they seem to be willing to go that extra mile.

Note: All promotional material banners, links, etc have been re-categorized for easier access.
Check out the TracHealth Affiliate Program  
(HINT!  As a friend of, when you sign up through us, you get higher commission rates.  Just let us know you have signed up for the program, and we'll make sure pays you a higher rate.)

Start promoting the #1 dental plans web site, and get paid on every sale.  It's really a good thing when you can help people get access to something they need for their healthcare, and you make some great money in the process.

1. Go to

2. Click on the "Sign Up" button

3. After reading the Affiliate Agreement, click on "I accept these terms and wish to register"

4. Enter all of your account, contact and address information. Be sure to tell us that you signed up for the program so that you can earn higher commissions on this program.

5. Your password will now be e-mailed to you.  Use your e-mail address and password to login to your affiliate account.


Get started with the affiliate program today.




Kokoro Health Affiliate Program

Kokoro Health offers affiliates the opportunity to improve the health of their site visitors while earning great income for themselves.  The products they sell are natural progesterone creams for women and men, which not only create hormonal balance, but improve mood and overall well-being.  When your referral makes a purchase, Kokoro Health will pay you a COMMISSION of 20% of the net purchase price.  Not all customers will come back to Kokoro Health through your site when they buy again. If they come directly to the Kokoro Health site, Kokoro Health will have your name tied into theirs and will pay you a COMMISSION of 20% for the repeat sale!  Compare this with other programs that only pay you if your referral purchases through your link.  Check out Kokoro Health today! is a two-tier program that offers 5-10% commissions on a growing line of mind and body health products. They offer some of the lowest prices on many trendy high profile health products, as well as some personal care products that are hard to find.  These factors combine to help give you high conversion rates and big paychecks.


healthcare affiliates
ClixGalore offers you access to a variety of healthcare affiliate programs, including some featured on this page.  If you are interested in more than one healthcare affiliate program, or would like to see more about what's available, check out the ClixGalore Affiliate Program


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