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Pay-Per-Click affiliate programs


With regard to pay-per-click affiliate programs, we recommend that you focus your site content very well, rather than trying to fool your visitor into making a click.  What do we mean by this?  Well, most pay-per-click programs are based on the idea that you can get people to simply click on a link, and by doing so, they will see something which might catch their attention.  Your job is simply to get the visitor to click here.  (Maybe this tactic tempts you, maybe it doesn't.)  Want to see something really exciting, then click here!


In the early days of the Internet, this sort of click here marketing was very effective.  But then came pop-ups and junk mail.  Internet users got smarter about how they surf, and the pay-per-click campaigns had to refine the way that they did business.  There are some web designers who still operate on the notion that you don't have to offer visitors relevant content, and that may be true if you want to earn an additional $10/month.  But if you want your visitors to respect you and your site (and come back again), then you had better give them content behind the click they make.  The pay-per-click sites that we feature below are those which we feel offer you some legitimate content for your visitors. affiliate program
We've been more impressed with ClickThruTraffic since one of our site designers started receiving regular monthly checks from their affiliate program.  (Go figure!)  ClickThruTraffic is a pay per click (ppc) affiliate program. The way that this program works is that affiliates get to choose a subject heading to link to, and then they are paid based on clicks relevant to the subject heading.  The sign up is simple, when you click ClickThruTraffic, you will be directed to a search site (  On the left hand side it will say "refine your search below", and then "affiliate programs."  Click that link for the ClickThruTraffic affiliate program. affiliate program
Allclicks Affiliate program is a pay per click (ppc) program which will pay you for every click that is made off of your site to one of their sites.  Not as heavily reliant on content as ClickThruTraffic, but still worthwhile.


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