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Credit Card/Debt Relief Affiliate Programs


First Global Treasury

Itís not enough to just have an offshore bank account! Whether your site visitors are individuals, expatriates, perpetual travelers, entrepreneurs, investors, internet marketers, or running a domestic or offshore company, First Global Treasury products and services can provide you with an uncompromising level of security and privacy protection for your offshore capital management. They work with business to business banks, corporations and individuals spanning the globe.  First Global Treasury brings ebanking, commerce and online security together, and they let you earn money by referring people to get offshore bank accounts.  Pretty cool.


Bad Credit Loans

Help people with bad credit get loans.  Better than that though, get paid before they get a loan.  Yes, you get paid just for having them put in their name and email address at jensden.  For people with bad credit, loans can every so often be very difficult to obtain.  Bad Credit Loans can aid your visitors in finding the programs that are tailored to their specific needs throughout the United States. Whatever their wants Bad Credit Loans develops a scenario that's right for them. There are so many diverse listings on the market today that it is often hard to know which one to choose. They help your visitors to decide which plan is best for them. And you get paid when they start the application process.  To get started promoting, go to Bad Credit Loans, click on the affiliate program link at the bottom of the page, and get started right away!


The Sovereign Life
This is a great product to market to your site visitors who have been beaten up by the rat race.  Instead of just showing them (or referring them to a program which shows them) how to dig out of the financial hole they've gotten into, why not give them something that will really help them to  Achieve financial freedom and independence, break free of the system and live life on their own terms, lead a more stress-free, healthy and prosperous life, increase their freedom of choice - both personally and professionally, gain more privacy and security in their life, and thumb your nose at meddling politicians and bureaucrats? Invite your site visitors to shift their perspective and explore the opportunities revealed in a free 7 part e-course - The FreedomShift*.  Then, when they sign up, you make up to $100/sale.  Pretty cool stuff.  It's not debt relief, but it is prosperity, and it really does help people too.
The Sovereign Life


First Class Cashflow
has all kinds of products to help people make money, save money, and leverage debt, including:
How To Sell Your Home Fast In Good Or Bad Markets
Note Owners Manual
Cash For Paper Audio Course
Update On Real Estate Newsletter
Deluxe Note Owner's Package
Premium Home Seller's Package
Help your visitors by giving them access to these awesome debt/credit help products, and earn yourself a commission in the process from First Class Cashflow


FRS is experienced at helping people improve their credit score, clean up bad credit history and get their credit card debt paid off.   FRS genuinely cares about their clients and they really do work hard to deliver what they promise. They offer you a broad range of credit card and debt relief services, all built upon the foundation of world-class customer service.  Their debt relief affiliate program really centers around helping you to generate a second income and eventually a primary source of income.  When you get to the site, click on the FRS affiliate program link at the top of the page.

Unfortunately, they are out of business.


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