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Most people, when getting started with affiliate marketing, don't know the difference between an affiliate program directory and an affiliate program.  Since most of the people coming to this page of affiliate advice are new affiliates, simply looking for great free affiliate programs, we've intermingled several free affiliate programs with many free affiliate program directories.


At this point, you may be wondering what the difference is between an 'affiliate program' and an 'affiliate program directory'.

  • An affiliate program is usually run in-house, through affiliate software, by the company whose products/services you're an affiliate for.

  • An affiliate program directory is usually a web site, where you sign up once, and have access to thousands of free affiliate programs.


Examples: affiliate program
The Affiliates Program is a great way to make money with your website.  It's an affiliate program which lets you sell some really great posters. Link to and earn 20%-25% of every purchase made by your site visitors at their website.  This free affiliate program is run by, and when you sign up, you do so through the allposters web site, and you have the ability to sell allposters merchandise.  That makes it an affiliate program, because you can only sell the products for this one company by signing up.

Commission Junction CJ Affiliate Program directory
This is one of the largest and best collection of affiliate programs/top affiliate program directory (whatever you want to call it) online right now. 
Commission Junction has a comprehensive collection of high quality pay-per-performance affiliates/advertisers.  CJ also offers incredible ecommerce tools for tracking the traffic you have sent to the programs you're an affiliate for, and the money you have earned from those programs.  In other words, when you sign up for commission Junction's free affiliate program, you're signing up for the ability to market any and all of the products available through commission junction.  This includes companies like Citibank, Rugman,com, giftbaskets,com, and thousands of other companies who are interested in building their affiliate advertisers.


We hops that this clears up confusion about the difference between free affiliate programs, and free affiliate program directories.  Now, without further ado, on to many great affiliate programs you can take part in for free.
Earn $750 For Each Nurse Referral

This country continues to face a significant nursing shortage that statistics say is only going to increase! Due to this current shortage, hospitals are desperate for nurses, and are willing to pay very high rates to those that can provide them! That's where you come in ...

Simply refer qualified nurses, at a cost of FREE to you, and the in-house salespeople do everything else. No selling required. As an free affiliate (signup is free), you can make tremendous commissions, just for referring nurses to a website, handing them your pre-printed referral card, or by giving them a 1-800 number and your ID number.


If you are really serious about wanting to become involved in a great online business with affiliates, people working for you, and a steady income coming in, Cognigen could be the business you are looking for.   Cognigen offers you the ability to gather customers and earn 6-12% of their purchases for life.  They offer services like phone service and internet service, as well as hundreds of other useful products.  Cognigen has regular training calls to teach you how to run your business, and they will walk you through all the processes necessary to develop your web site into a thriving income stream for you.


VIP Profits offers some of the best sports affiliate programs available online today.  Here are the actual earnings for their top affiliates in December, 2003.  Remember, signing up for their program is free.

(As you can see from the numbers, their sports affiliate program works, if you do some of the work to make it happen.  These are ACTUAL AMOUNTS paid out.)

  1. $75,274.95

  2. $33,456.13

  3. $3,724.76

  4. $3,225.60

  5. $2,808.70

  6. $2,741.59

  7. $2,727.32

  8. $2,585.04

  9. $2,053.17

  10. $1,941.37

If you find sports programs interesting, AffiliateAdvice recommends the free affiliate program offered through VIP Profits


SpeedyPin International Prepaid Phone Cards
Everyone needs a calling card from time to time.  By signing up for this free affiliate program through SpeedyPin, you can make money every time someone buys a calling card from you or through your free affiliate site (They also will co-brand this site for you, also for free).  The best part about this program is that you earn renewal and  residual commissions of 10%.  That means, every time someone purchases a phone card through SpeedyPin you earn a commission, and then when they recharge their existing card, you earn a commission, without doing the work of re-selling the cards.  Imagine having hundreds or thousands of customers, and you earn 10% from all of their purchases.

100 purchases * a $20 phone card = $2,000.  10% of that equals $200 in your pocket, for free, other than your web site cost and time involved.
1000 purchases * $20 phone card = $20,000.  10% of that equals $2,000 in your pocket, for free, other than your web site cost and time involved.

This doesn't happen overnight, but if you work at it, you can make it happen pretty quickly.  (One of the builders of this site earns over $1,000/month, without much additional work, from phone cards alone.)





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Have you checked out the Affiliate Advice for the largest affiliate directories and collections of affiliate programsYou're sure to find a great free affiliate program listed in one of those directories.


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