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How to make more money with affiliate programs
by Jonathan Kraft

Some people wonder about selling cards from their site. They think that it maybe isnít a legitimate business, or perhaps, they just donít want to sell something on their web site.

The fact is, however, that calling cards are used around the world every day. People want to talk to their friends, and they need inexpensive ways of doing so. Often, itís very expensive to make national or international phone calls using a home phone service, and using a cell phone ticks away minutes on the cell phoneís plan. This leaves two options: Voice over IP, and calling cards. VOIP technology is so new that many people donít yet understand how it works. This will change in the next 5-10 years, but in the meantime, the option for calling is calling cards. Calling cards are simple to use, so people are willing to pick them up and use them all around the world.

Statistics prove it. In the United States alone, calling card sales generate more than 4 billion dollars per year. By 2010, annual revenue is forecasted to reach over 10 Billion dollars!

So why should you sell calling cards on your web site?

Three reasons: itís simple, it supplements your income, and virtually any web site can do it.

It generally takes about 5 minutes to sign up for a calling card affiliate program, and youíre up and running. It takes some additional time to take care of paperwork for tax reasons, but most programs let you do that down the road. Most phone card affiliate programs these days give you the option of simply cutting and pasting code which will place a search box right into your web layout, wherever you choose to put it. These things make a calling card affiliate program simple.

There is a lot of money being made in affiliate programs right now, with phone and calling cards being one of the market leaders in the affiliate program arena. There are people working who are exclusively selling calling cards and phone service, who are making multiple 6 figure incomes from calling cards, phone cards, and phone service. With a 10 billion dollar market available, thereís a big pie to bring to market. This supplemental income really does make a difference in doing more than just getting the bills paid!

So the question is how you can incorporate calling cards into your existing web site. While it is true that not all web sites can effectively and unobtrusively incorporate calling card search forms into their sites (an auto dealership site might not be the best place for a calling card search), there are many sites that could place a calling card or phone search on their sites quite simply. Example of this include; a real estate agent placing a calling card or phone rate search within their site for a new homeowner, a study abroad exchange student posting pictures online who offers their friends a calling card search for cheap ways to call them, a travel site offering customers a phone card search for wherever theyíre traveling to or from, a state government site showing site visitors ways to save money on phone service in their state, and the list goes on.

When it comes down to it, the market is predicted to grow to 10 Billion by 2009. I donít know about you, but thinking about a 10 Billion dollar pie, Iíd sure like a slice. (Iíd be happy if I could just lick the knife!) Either you and your site visitors will buy calling cards through your site, or youíll buy them through someone elseís. By setting up a calling card affiliate program, you give yourself an additional way to cash in on what's going on in the affiliate program market.

Jonathan Kraft has been an online marketer for many years and helps others with affiliate programs at Most recently, he has helped people find the best phone and calling card affiliate programs at

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