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February 12, 2007

Call your affiliates

I have been to three Affiliate Summits now, and have loved them. For the people I've met, the things I've learned, and mostly, the expansion that has happened for me about what's possible.

One of the people I have met, at the previous two Affiliate Summits, and then at this affiliate summit, has talked with me about getting things going with his company, since I haven't promoted for/with them at all, and they have a huge array of software products to promote.

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February 03, 2007

How do I Start My Own Affiliate Program

With regard to Affiliate Programs, there are many options, but they basically fall into three categories

1. Manage your affiliate program in-house
(using software you buy or build, hosted on your servers, or by signing up for a monthly service, which involves learning a system, but is generally the least expensive long-term option as far as set up and paying of commissions goes)

2. Have someone else or another company manage your affiliate program for you
(either using software on your servers or a third party solution, but they basically run everything for you, at a fee)

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November 29, 2006

Joel Comm Talks About the Value of an Affiliate Network

Joel Comm is a brilliant marketer and is someone I have come to know and respect as a mentor and friend. He sent this email out today about attracting, recruiting, retaining, and supporting the affiliates in your affiliate program, and I thought it had some really great things to say to anyone who has affiliates.

So here's Joel Comm talking about Your Affiliate Network:

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November 12, 2006

CPAEmpire Affiliate Program - Sign up review


I met Tyler Hoelting, Affiliate Manager for, at AffiliateSummit in January 2006. He was very persistent about helping me get started with CPAEmpire, which was rather nice, I thought. (Note - not annoyance, just persistence.)

So, I went to the CPAEmpire web site.

They make it pretty obvious for how to get started. Click on "Affiliates" and then the little red button at the bottom of the page saying "Join Now."

One thing that is a bit different in the sign up process is that they ask you "Will you be you be marketing via Email?"

If you answer Yes, they ask you to tell them the Name that Emails will be sent from, and the IP addresses that Emails will be sent from. This could be complex for some marketers using third party services (like Aweber, IsoResponder, etc.) to do email marketing. However,

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