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Will Your Site Be A Success

I have learned a lot from Joel Comm. In this article, I think he does a LOT to help people understand the importance of regularly adding content to a web site.

It's very worthwhile reading!

Will Your Site Be A Success?
by Joel Comm

Most new businesses fail.

It's a fact we're all familiar with... and as entrepreneurs, one we all ignore.

It's easy to do. For one thing, online those statistics probably aren't that bad. With AdSense, you're almost guaranteed good results.

Use the right strategies and techniques, and there's no reason why that income shouldn't be very good indeed.

And yet, when you first put up your website -- when you're checking your stats every couple of hours or less to see what's happening -- you can't help but ask yourself, "Am I going to make it? Is my site going to take off and pour in the cash or am I going to be the only visitor?"

It takes time before you can know for sure what sort of income your site can generate. The marketing doesn't take effect overnight, and you need to wait and view the figures before you can tweak your ads. But there are some signs that are pretty good indicators of the future success, or otherwise, of your website.

The first is how often you want to update it.

That's not the same thing as how often you actually update it.

You might have told yourself that you're going to put up new content every week, especially at the beginning when you're getting few visitors.
There's nothing wrong with that. But if you feel that you want to update it more often, that's a good sign that you're producing interesting content.

If you've got ideas that you can't wait to share, you'll find that you'll have users who can't wait to read them.

On the other hand, if you think that maybe once a week is too frequent and that you've got nothing to say, it's likely that no one's going to want to read it and you'll struggle to get traffic.

A second sign that your site is likely to be successful concerns what you do when you're not updating it.

If you spend your spare time looking at sites on similar topics and can name half a dozen of the best sites in your field without batting an eyelid, that's a good sign. It shows that you're on the ball and are genuinely interested in the subject.

On the other hand, if you only think about the subject of your site when it's time to update and have no idea what other people saying, no one's going to care what you have to say.

This all comes down to content. If you know you're producing top-quality content, you won't have to worry about the success of your site.

Implement strategies for AdSense success and continue to work your plan. That is the doorway to success online!

Live life today!



Wonderful and informative web site.I used information from that site its great.
Thank you!

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