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ListOpt's Coregistration Service Affiliate Program

ListOpt's List Builder has helped hundreds of publishers build large, highly profitable opt-in email lists.

You can profit by helping your site visitors start building their own lists. Just refer them to ListOpt's Coregistration program. When they sign up fo the coregistration service offered by ListOpt, you make a commission.

Very simple.

Click here to check out and sign up for ListOpt's Coregistration affiliate program.

Here's the Marketing copy from ListOpt's web site, that your site visitors witll see:

A subscriber is the most powerful customer you could ever have. As you know, having a powerful newsletter means you have a powerful list of customers who trust you and can provide a never-ending stream of income. Simply put, "Treat a subscriber well, and you'll have a customer for life." But creating that powerful revenue generating list of lifetime customers is the hard part... It could take you years and can cost you a small fortune trying to come up with just the right combinations of advertising and promotions to develop a revenue generating list. But don't worry, you no longer have to put up with all the headaches. Now you can have it practically overnight with our List Builder lead generation service. Just imagine, each morning when you open your email inbox, before even doing an ounce of work, you'll have a subscriber summary report, with the email addresses of hundreds of people who have explicitly requested to be subscribed to your newsletter!

Click here to check out and sign up for ListOpt's Coregistration affiliate program.

What is Coregistration? This article from Robert Puddy does a great job of explaining it.

Everyone agrees Co-Registrations are one of the best ways to build large opt-in e-mail lists in a very short time. Yet still, 99% of webmasters aren't taking advantage of them.... why?... It rapidly generates opt-in email subscribers or leads - in a fraction of the time it normally takes to do it yourself.

Co-Registration services are an established, proven list building tool, It's a fast, easy, and Free "secret weapon" used by all famous Internet marketers to rapidly grow their large opt-in (permission based) email lists!

Broadly speaking, co-registration refers to the practice of referring leads, subscriptions, or memberships concurrent with another registration process. This might occur a couple of different ways:

Visitors signing up for a free subscription or other service are offered the chance to opt-in to other offers on the "thank-you page" that appears after the initial registration.

Visitors to a site are given the chance to opt-in to multiple publications or lists simultaneously. The most common question was how to find other publishers with whom joint ventures could be implemented. Look for sites similar to your own by searching for them in search engines and directories.

If they have an ezine similar to your own that doesn't necessary compete, they're a perfect candidate. If they don't have an ezine, you may be able to arrange a deal where they would offer free subscriptions to your ezine from their site in exchange for a link from your site to theirs.

You may also find interested publishers through the various communities of email publishers that exist online.

The joint venture set up on the thank-you page of Advertising Know-How is a good example of publications that compliment each other without necessarily competing. One ezine covers how to understand and write php scripts, one marketing tips, one covers the power linking strategy for better search engine optimisation, one covers building online communities, and one offers tips on publishing an email publication. All interest Internet professionals without directly competing for mind share

By far, the number-one effort to drive new subscriptions to Advertising Know-How was the joint venture I set up with six other ezine publishers. It took about three days to organize and set up, and now Advertising Know-How (and the other publications) all benefit from significantly more new subscribers each day. (Some of the publications -- including this one -- more than doubled their growth rate.)

You can get an idea of how the joint venture works by taking a look at this page.

That's the page that new subscribers see after filling out the subscription form at Advertising Know-How. The thank-you page features names and descriptions of six other publications and an easy-to-use checkbox form. The publications are recommended for quality and work well with Advertising Know-How because they complement the publication (and would interest a similar audience) without being competitive with it.

The reason this project is so successful is that it took very little time to set up, while the participating publishers continue to benefit from each others' efforts over time.

In fact a brand new service was born from this JV, the project was so successful I had a whole site programmed to allow any ezine owner to join in and use the thank you page strategy.

Normal co registration services use pop ups to deliver the page views needed to create subscribers, pop up blockers and the general dislike of anything that pops up has reduced the effectiveness of these services. Finding a way to carry on utilising the co-registration model, yet getting away from pop ups was essential.

Make no mistake - your subscriber list is your most powerful weapon in the Internet Marketing war. The money isn't in the secrets, the MLM's, the e-books, or anything else. The secret is just a fact!


Article written by ROBERT PUDDY
Webmaster Traffic generation and list building (cost shared advertising coop) All the advertising and marketing tools you'll ever need

Click here to check out and sign up for ListOpt's Coregistration affiliate program.

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