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Here's what's great about When you pick up the phone to get issues resolved as an affiliate, they get resolved in very short order.

"The affiliate program has a good understanding of the market and understands that everyone needs a calling card from time to time".

This phone card affiliate program is good because understands market trends. They also appear to have a pretty good grasp of the affiliate marketplace. Like most affiliate programs, you make money every time someone buys a calling card from you for the first time. You also earn a flat residual commission on all future purchases from all customers. Their average customer purchases five calling cards at an average of $100, so for every person you bring to them, through your site(s), you're likely to earn at least $10. Like most calling card programs, you can add a search box, banner, or simple text link to your site in order to send traffic directly to their site.

Here's what else says:

"Our Affiliate Program has become one of the most rewarding on the web because of one main reason: REPEAT CUSTOMERS. If you've ever sold calling cards before, you know that the key to success is the customer who comes back to buy more cards. Calling cards are not the typical "one-time" purchase that is normally made on the web. Research has shown that calling card users buy cards on a regular basis from the same place once they find something they like. This is why we strive to have the highest quality cards with the best customer service. This commitment to world-class quality and customer service has resulted in the highest repeat customer ratios in the industry.

Unlike other affiliate programs, we feel that you, as our c2 Partner, are entitled to reap the benefits with us. After all, if it wasn't for you, we would not have made the sale. That's why we developed the Customer For Life (CFL) program. Now, every customer that comes from your website will be your Customer For Life and you will get paid the same 10% commission each time they buy from us, regardless of WHERE or WHEN they purchase, for the rest of THEIR life!"

I've made some pretty excellent recurring commission cheks working with Take a look and their program and sign up here.

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