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5 Ways To Make Affiliate Money Without My Own Website?

This is from an interview I did with Carrie, who asked me a bunch of questions she has heard people ask me over and over about affiliate marketing.

This is verbatim from a call recording I did with her.

I've been posting the answers to these questions over the past few days.

Q: I don't have a website, can you give me a few, maybe 5 ways, that I can make money using an Affiliate Network, or an affiliate program, without a website?

AffiliateAdvice: Sure! Ok, one good way would be if you...There are all these article websites on the internet. You could go sign up for one of these article websites and publish an article on that website and at the bottom you have the option to send traffic back to a website using what's called a Resource Box. And in the Resource Box, you could actually put your Affiliate Link. Now over time, some of the article websites have stopped people from doing this because they realized that they are just loading up the article websites with spam and junk.

But if you were to set up a web address, you know, www.whatever, you can go set up a web address at GoDaddy without actually setting up a website, and you can just redirect that web address to your Affiliate Link. That would be one way to do it, is just by publishing articles and sending that traffic to your Affiliate Link.

So let's say an example of the Harley Davidson gear, you know you write an article about the best ways to find Harley Davidson gear on the internet, or you write an article about planning for a road trip. Or you write an article about the best routes to Sturgis. Or, I'm just coming up with all kinds of stuff randomly here, but whatever would be interesting for someone who's interested in Harley Davidsons. And then, you know, you send that traffic back to the Affiliate partner. So that would be one way.

Another way would be though all of these video sites on the internet. If you've got some video-editing skills, or you want to learn some video-editing skills, you could go to some of these video websites and post a video about planning a road trip. And right next to the video you have the option to actually pop in/paste code; if you put in the full web address, it actually becomes an active link. So you can just copy and paste your Affiliate Link right into the description for the video.

Now I wouldn't recommend just doing that; I would recommend actually setting up, at minimum, a domain name which redirects, or better yet, a website and setting up what's called a "redirect" so that you can actually take the traffic and control where it's going.

But, you know, if you didn't want to do that, if you didn't want to setup a website, you could actually just copy and paste directly your Affiliate Link right into the description for the video and that would become an active link right next to the video that you would publish on say, YouTube or Google Video or any of the other video websites.

Another way, you could do interviews, like we're doing right now. You could actually talk to somebody about a product or service. You could interview the owner of the company that sells the Harley Davidson product and then you could post that out on iTunes. Next to the audio on iTunes, there's also an option for the resource or the information about that audio and you could then include that link right in the audio.

So those are three major ways. I'm trying to think of some others, right off the top of my head.

Oh, you could go to other people's websites; you could go search for blogs about motorcycles and you could just start making comments on other people's blogs about motorcycles. Make worthwhile, reasonable, decent comments; not just spam other people's blogs. But if you're actually making a decent comment, it's likely to get published and it's likely to get published with your Affiliate Link, if you put your Affiliate Link in there. But don't just post a comment that doesn't have anything do with the topic at hand, you know "for some great deals on where you can get more info about Harley gear; click here!" But actually contribute to the discussion about what's going on.

Dave Taylor talks about this; that one thing people like to do is pretend that the internet is not real people behind it. And so people wil just spam the heck out of somebody's website and those comments never get published. And he compares it to a party, where if you're going to this party, you want to actually join the discussion. If you're standing in the corner going, "Hey, look at me, I'm so cool, I'm so cool, everybody come talk to me; I've got cool stuff to talk about," no one is going to come and talk to you! In fact, they're going to run away from you. And that's what a lot of people do when they get on the internet. Instead, you want to go listen to the conversation that's actually happening on the internet. The way you do that is by reading other people's blogs and by actually commenting and contributing to the discusion.

Again, I would recommend setting up your own domain and your own website, but if you didn't have that, you could actually post a link right to an Affiliate Link in somebody else's blog comments.

So those are just some basic ideas, I'm sure I could come up with some others.

But those are the ones that I come up with right off the top of my head right now.

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