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1 Body Care - HealthCare Affiliate Program

"Build Extra Income!"

The Exceptional BodyCare Affiliate Program Pays 30% on High Demand, Quality Body Care Solutions

Here's what Mike Jones had to say about the BodyCare Affiliate Program:

Hi, I'm Mike Jones, the webmaster of a number of body care web sites.

I'm going to show you how you can build extra income every month whether you are online or offline, whether you have a web site or not!

You can even save 30% off your own purchases. If you join our program for that alone, it's worth it!

With A Web Site: Integrate links and/or banners or offer our free ebook with your affiliate links embedded. You can add another reliable and significant income stream to your web site and make your visitor's experience even more worthwhile for them.

Without A Web Site: Use a strategy we've prepared for you to profit locally with either your social contacts, or the businesses in your area. It's as easy as handing out product information sheets which carry your affiliate link.

Here's Eight Reasons Why You'll Generate Immediate Income With This Exceptional Program:

Reason #1: You'll receive high commissions - 30% on your direct sales.

Reason #2: You'll be offering high quality products in high demand for quick hair growth, hair loss, hair removal, ingrown hair, and nail care - products customers are delighted with.

Reason #3: You'll not waste time and effort keeping inventory. Simply advertise the products and get sales - all stock keeping and order processing is taken care of for you.

Reason #4: You'll get lifetime customers! Once a visitor buys through your affiliate link, any repeat sales in the future will be automatically credited to you. Additionally, everyone who visits the sales site through your link receives a cookie which has a 3 year life span. So you receive commissions for sales months or years after the visitor clicks on your link for the first time as long as the cookie remains on their computer.

Reason #5: You'll find marketing is so easy with excellent tools for online and offline promotions.

Reason #6: You'll get commission payments regularly by the 5th of each month.

Reason #7: You'll have access to a web site that really sells with a proven track record.

Reason #8: You'll be instantly notified every time you make a sale or someone signs up under you as a sub-affiliate. Additionally you can check daily and monthly statistics, conversion rates, and earnings from an at-a-glance control panel.

Profit Quickly And Easily If You're In One Of These Categories

Everyone Looking For An Additional Income Source
And/Or Anyone Who Visits A:

fitness club
hair stylists
beauty salon
modelling agency
cosmetic agency
Simply distribute the business opportunity information sheet to proprietors of any of the above businesses when you next visit and receive 10% commissions on all their sales when they signup from your unique link. All this for doing virtually nothing!
Health & Beauty Business Proprietors:

If you run a:

fitness club
hair stylists
beauty salon
modelling agency
cosmetic agency
Just hand out the product information sheets we supply to your customers or keep a supply by your reception desk. You can download the electronic file and print off your own! Your own affiliate ID is printed on the back so you get credited with the sales!

Work-At-Home & Cosmetic Agents: If you are already an agent for beauty products or run home parties for various promotions this program is ideal. Product information sheets are available for distribution by hand so you can easily add this income stream to your existing customer base.

Webmasters of Health, Body, Beauty, Fitness, Websites: Simply integrate some text links and/or banners on your site and watch the sales come in. Personal assistance given on request.

Ezine Editors: If your ezine relates to health, body, beauty, or fitness, run your own classified ads for the product range

Take a look today

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