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Jim Edwards Article: Find Extra Hours Online

You might say that this article by Jim Edwards is at the crux of what people MUST know about building a business online.

The thing that people MUST know?

Time management.

It seems so basic, but if you don't learn how to manage time, then you will have a VERY difficult time learning how to build a successful business. Managing time is something I struggle with and am getting better at daily, and I've been able to do so using many of the tips highlighted by Mr. Edwards in his article below.

Take a look, and see which of these you can incorporate for yourself.


How to Find An Extra Hour A Day Online

- by Jim Edwards

Copyright Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

One of the biggest problems anyone faces online involves too much to do and not enough time to do it!

I'm not talking about the recreational Internet user who jumps online as a form of entertainment to check email, use Skype, or watch videos.

I'm referring to the people who make their living online or who use the Internet for a large part of their business activities.

If you fall into that category, the following tips will easily help you find an extra hour each working day.

* Filter Email - The #1 thing you can do to save time involves getting a handle on your email.

Ask any online business person and they'll tell you email takes up a huge chunk of time.

To save time, you should separate your personal and business email with separate accounts and check the personal account once a day (saves 10 minutes per day).

You should also use a commercial spam filter such as to cut down on the spam you must wade through to find messages that do need your attention (saves 15 minutes per day).

* Use RoboForm - Using a password manager like cuts down on time spent tearing your desk or email program apart looking for usernames and passwords for an account you haven't used in a while.

Secure and immediate access to all your passwords will save you an average of 5 minutes per day.

* Unsubscribe - Get off the lists of publications you either don't read or don't give maximum value for time spent.

Even casual skimming of one email newsletter or ezine will eat up several minutes of your day each time you do it.

Drop off 3 lists and you'll save yourself at least 5 minutes per day.

* Use an Egg Timer - Flitting from task to task like a butterfly with ADD robs you of any chance for getting things done.

To increase your focus on specific tasks, use an egg timer to get yourself 100% focused on the task at hand for a specific chunk of time.

While the egg timer ticks, nothing else but the current task at hand matters.

This technique will net you at least 10 extra minutes of wasted time saved.

* Use a List - Few things waste more time than doing things you don't need to do because you forgot the important things you should focus on right now.

Always operate with a list of prioritized tasks so you know what you should work on at any given moment.

Every 15 to 30 minutes you should ask yourself "Is what I'm working on right now the highest and best use of my time?"

This will net you at least 10 minutes per day in wasted time.

* Just Say "No" - Distractions abound on the Internet.

New products, new services, new videos, new jokes, new distractions come at us on a minute-by-minute basis.

Yet those distractions rob us of the precious time we desperately need to accomplish our own objectives and pursue our own agendas.

If some new product or exciting new opportunity comes along, let it sit for a day, or even just an hour, and then make a decision.

Many times the "new and exciting" loses its luster when you stop, take a break, and look at it from a distance.

This will easily save you at least 10 to 15 minutes a day in lost time.

My best advice involves operating with a strong purpose in your online business.

I've shown you simple strategies here to save an average of 65-70 minutes per day, but if you operate with a strong purpose, you'll save even more.


Because a strong purpose helps you filter out any time-wasting activities that won't get you where you want to go.

Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the
creator of an amazing course that will teach you step-by-
step and click-by-click how to finally create your own
money-making mini-sites...
This article is by Jim Edwards, who makes this claim:
"Give me 7 1/2 minutes - and I'll show you the secrets to making more money... working fewer hours... and having a lot more fun with your online business - Guaranteed!"

Jim Edwards' "Lazy Man's Guide to Online Profits"

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