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How Not To Do A Value Build

How Not To Do A Value-Build For Your Product Or Service
by Mark Widawer
"Landing Page Cash Machine"

People are often confused about how and why they should put a value build into their offers. Basically, the idea is that you want to build the value of the item before you ask for the sale. This is a basic sales tactic, and it's an important tactic to know if you're going to build business on the web.

Doing a value build is extremely helpful, and in other articles I've talked about how to do a value build. But in this article, I want to share with you how not to do a value build.

The way you don't do a value build is, "I was thinking of selling my really great e-book for $1,000, but I had another thought and I figured, you know what, it would probably be better at $300, and then I decided I would discount that to $150, but today only it's $29.95."

There are a lot of things that are wrong with that.

Number one is that there's simply no justification for the higher value. You haven't related this to something that your customer really knows and understands that gives any justification for a $1,000 price for this.

The second thing is that there's no reason for the discount. Just because you said so, that it was $1,000, but you're going to sell it for $29.95, doesn't make it so. Doing this, you're actually (and actively) eliminating trust. Having a conversation with your customer like this deteriorates the trust you're trying to establish.

The third thing is that when you have a $1,000 price that's instantly knocked down to $29.95, you're losing a lot of credibility. There's really no justification for the original price, and frankly this whole whole conversation about how "I was going to make it $1,000 and then I decided this and then I decided that"'s all about you, or I should say, it's all about me as the marketer. Making it all about you is absolutely the wrong way to do a value build on your web site (or in any sales situation).

What you really want your value build to be about is your customer. You want to make it about your customer's alternatives, and your customer's perspective on the whole thing. So that's really the third point is that you can not get the perspective wrong.

So I hope that helps you, and perhaps you have a better understanding now of what you should do, by understanding what not to do with your value build on your web site's sales page.

This article is by Mark Widawer. Mr. Widawer is the author of the widly recognized authority book on Landing Pages, the"Landing Page Cash Machine", which really shares some insight on not only converting visitors into buyers, but on what makes an Internet Marketing business work.

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