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Does GoToMeeting Work? Affordable Online Conference Recording Software - does that exist? What about a free trial for Go To Meeting?

I love GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar. These services have saved me countless hours and actually helped me to earn a fair amount of income as well.

So, I made a recording to showcase some of the things that this service can do.

I recommend you use the GoToMeeting Free Trial, and give it 30 days.

If you like it, pay for it. If you don't, it's easily removed from your computer registry.

But I recommend you give it a try. It's simple, has yet to cause any errors on my computer (after nearly two years of use) and is actually fun to use.

Transcript of this video: Being someone who does a lot of things online, Go To Meeting has become one of my favorite online tools for getting things done. Go To Meeting is basically a service that lets you show people what's on your computer, or you can see what's on their computer. Some of the nicer things about it are that it's basically an online video conference recording, which allows me to see what's on someone else's computer. And I know that lots of corporations, and large corporate conglomerates, are looking for online software solutions for meeting each other online. And they don't want to pay per use because that can become very expensive. So what I'd like to do just very quickly with this video is show you the affordable services that are offered by Go To Meeting. I'm not really selling it necessarily, but if you decide that you might like to check it out, there's a free trial link right next to this video and you can use this for your online meetings. And I may have misspoken just a minute ago too, because you don't have to be like a large corporate conglomerate. I'm just an individual who does a lot of things online, but a lot of times people are wanting to know how it is that I do what I do. And so Go To Meeting has been a really invaluable tool for doing online video conferencing so that they can see what's actually going on, on my computer. And that happens through this online meeting solution.

So when I first sign in to Go To Meeting, it asks if I want to host a meeting now or if I want to schedule a meeting for later. While you can schedule it for later, for purposes of this quick video, I'm going to show you how this works, so I click to meet now and then the software goes ahead and starts a meeting. Now as part of starting this meeting, it actually sets up a phone number for me for people to dial in to, and it then gives me all of these controls right here on the screen. And it says hey, if you want to invite people you can use this information. You tell them to go to Go To Meeting and join a meeting. So you just tell somebody on the front page to meet you at Go To Meeting and click on join a meeting. And so they will go to that website and I'm actually going to do this on my desktop. So I will go ahead and get signed in here, but you can see they gave me a meeting ID to use at Go To Meeting. So I'm clicking to go ahead and log into this meeting on my desktop, but this recording you are watching is actually on my laptop. So you're going to see me show up here in just a minute from my desktop into this meeting.

So now you see Jonathan-desktop has arrived right here into this meeting. So the first thing is if I want to show whoever else is in this meeting what's on my screen, then I click play here and now I'm actually showing them my screen. These controls are blurred out, but if you could see my desktop, you would actually see that I am watching what's going on, on my laptop, from my desktop.

Now here's something that's interesting. I've got Jonathan-desktop right here. I can make Jonathan desktop the presenter, which will do in just a minute. But I can also give Jonathan-desktop the keyboard and mouse. So now I go to my desktop (which is Jonathan-desktop in the conference here), and it gives Jonathan-desktop control over the screen. And you can see how it's sort of gets choppy with the movement, but it's pretty good. This means that I'm surfing from one computer on another computer. We did this from Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a friend of ours who was in London, and it works just fine. So it works worldwide as long as you get a decent Internet connection and it's pretty exciting to be able to do this around the globe. So let's say I wanted to have the controls back now, so I took them with the laptop. Let's say I wanted to look at something that was on Jonathan-desktop's computer. I would go ahead and make Jonathan-desktop the presenter. So I go ahead and do that.
And I am no longer the presenter. You'll see it says that here. And now, when I'm ready on the other computer, I can click "show my screen" and you see the screen pops up and now I'm on my desktop.

I'm sitting here and I'm able to type on the other computer. So this computer could be in Africa or wherever, and I would be able to actually do something on that computer like watch the presentation, but if I ask the organizer to give me keyboard and mouse control then I can ask the person, "Hey, go ahead and give me access to your keyboard and mouse." And you can see here that I'm actually on the screen, even though you don't see the controls over here. I'm actually moving around inside of controls here on the screen. The controls for the web conference are hidden from all of the people are actually attending the meeting, but I'm going to go ahead and give keyboard and mouse control to the laptop. You can see that moving the mouse over here doesn't do anything at all, but then I'm actually able to take keyboard and mouse control over the desktop. And I can actually work on someone else's computer from wherever I am in the world.

"This is now me on my laptop typing on my desktop." So I think Go To Meeting is a really awesome solution, for anyone who is looking for a web conferencing solution. That was really redundant, and hope it wasn't too complicated. Ideally you have been able to see what Go To Meeting can do. This is a very simple software that allows you to really have an online meeting solution for your company, and to do web conferencing. Also it a built-in recording so you can do a recording of your online conferences, as well as all kinds of other cool things that you can do. The services are super for affordable. What I'd recommend you do is the same thing that I did. Try it out by going to a free trial for Go To Meeting and check it out. The services are super affordable, and you can use the free trial for 30 days. If you like it, great. And if you don't, remove it from your computer. That's my recommendation. Give it a shot, and thank you very much for taking the time to watch this video. I hope it's helped you to see an online conference solution that will be helpful for your business or for you as an individual.

GoToMeeting Free Trial
Try GoToMeeting free for 30 days

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