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Twitter: How To Link Ezine Articles To Post On Twitter

This is a quick video I put together based on Alex Mandossian's post about how to link your Ezine Articles approved articles to your Twitter profile. This will bring your articles more exposure, which should bring more exposure to whatever product or service you're offering.

From Alex's post:

If you're an info marketer who wants more reach with your articles, I recommend you set-up your EzineArticles account to automatically post your approved articles to your Twitter profile. It's that easy and powerful!

Transcript of this video
Alex Mandossian made a post on his blog today about adding your Twitter articles or adding your Ezine Articles to post to Twitter. And what's really great, it's a really great idea, I didn't know you could do this actually inside of Ezine Articles. But he doesn't actually show you how to do it in the post, so this is just a quick, very quick video to show you how to post your Ezine Articles onto your Twitter profile.

If you go and log-in to Ezine Articles, you can click on "Profile Manager" and then you "Edit Author Bio." So I'm going to click on my name here and I've got different URL's listed here. You can put your MySpace URL, your Twitter URL, you can put all these different web addresses in here.

There's also a space to put in your Twitter Username, which in my case is Strive4Impact and your Twitter password which I'm not going to show you! Once you do that however, you click "Save Changes" and now your Twitter profile will be automatically updated every time that you make, every time you have articles approved inside of Ezine Articles.

So, this is just a quick video, but I thought you would be interested in knowing how to do that.

Now you have to set up a Twitter profile. If you haven't setup a Twitter profile, it's a good idea. You just go to and you can do it there.

And so that's it! This is how to sync up your Ezine Articles account with your Twitter profile so that your Ezine Articles will post automatically to your Twitter profile.

Hope you found this helpful!

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