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Sales Page Secrets

A lot of times you'll see a sales page without a price tag. They'll make you click a purchase button before you actually see what the price is.

Have you ever wondered why that is?

Well, there's the psychological reason which says that if you have already taken the action of pressing the purchase button, you're more likely to go through with the purchase. But, there's also a much more practical purpose.

What is that purpose? TESTING!

You are a guinea pig tester without even knowing that you're inside of a test. You're helping someone conduct market research simply by your desision whether or not to purchase.

THey only have to set up one sales page. Then, when you click "purchase", you are taken to one option that they have set up as price for their product. Understand that they may be tesitng multiple price points for their product. A cookie is placed on your computer to be sure that that is the only price you will ever see (at least on your computer) for that particular product.

Kind of creative, right? It allows someone marketing a product to conduct research on what the market thinks is the apprpriate price or a product, rather than the marketer arbitrarily deciding that they should be able to charge X for their service.

So let me try to visually explain how this sales page split testing process works and how you can use it to determine the appropriate price for your products.


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