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November 14, 2008

How To Analyze Traffic to Your Website

Analyzing Traffic to Your Website
by Diego Norte

Figuring out traffic statistics is a necessary part of your marketing responsibilities if you want to succeed online. It's an obvious course of action but one that many webmasters fail to act upon. Taking advantage of other people's neglect will help you dominate the competition.

There really isn't any excuse not to be proactive in evaluating the amount of traffic your are receiving, what target audience is visiting and what areas of concern you need to improve to ensure you are bringing in the right people. This also helps you work on getting more quality traffic.

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September 19, 2008

Twitter: How To Link Ezine Articles To Post On Twitter

This is a quick video I put together based on Alex Mandossian's post about how to link your Ezine Articles approved articles to your Twitter profile. This will bring your articles more exposure, which should bring more exposure to whatever product or service you're offering.

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August 20, 2008

Free Ways To List Your Local Business Online: A Directory of Local Directories

A friend of mine just opened a really cool ice cream, coffee, cakes place here in Denver. It's called

He and I got to talking and I mentioned that he should get listed in lots of local directories to drive more traffic into the business.

He's a smart individual, and so must have passed the idea along to the local business manager.

The manager for the store called me a few days later (today), saying that he didn't know that much about how to get the business listed in local online directories, and asked if I could offer him some help.

I don't know that much about local directories either, as my business is worldwide and Internet based, but I know there are hundreds (if not thousands) of web sites which can be used for getting local business listings "out there" and promoting a local-based business online.

So here's some quick discovery stuff I did with a little Googling...

Some are free, some cost something... you'll have to research...

But, I would exhaust all free local listing possibilities first (and then move into the pay ones, if you aren't getting the foot traffic you want).

Getting listed in all of these local directories will gain you more customers, particularly if you're a restaurant or hotel, and especially if you offer them something for free, in order to get them to come in to your business.

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February 16, 2008

Recruiting JV Partners - Sage Advice from Mark Widawer

My friend Mark Widawer sent out some GREAT advice about how to get JV Partners to work with you.

I liked what he had to say A LOT, so I'm re-posting here.

Again, if you're looking for JV partners, this is GREAT Advice!

(The only thing I would add to it is to say that a great way to get someone to become a JV and promote your stuff, is to become an affiliate for their products and services and promote their stuff first.)

I have one big Internet marketer I've been bugging for almost a year now to get his affiliate program set up so that I can be a JV and promote his stuff.

I've never promoted for him, because his affiliate program doesn't work at the moment, but I send him an email about once a month to say that I'd really like to be a JV for him, and to ask when his affiliate program will be up and running.

He always responds back and lets me know that he appreciates my persistence and is glad that I want to JV with him.

I'm not annoying about it, just a gentle reminder.

When it comes time to ask for help promoting my stuff, do you think he might be more receptive to it than if I approach him out of the blue?

Of course!

Mark Widawer has another suggestion for getting JV partners - and that is right below.

Ever send emails to potential JV partners and never get a reply back?

Here's how to get around that problem, and to truly and genuinely be known as a "Giver," too.

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January 15, 2008

ListOpt's Coregistration Service Affiliate Program

ListOpt's List Builder has helped hundreds of publishers build large, highly profitable opt-in email lists.

You can profit by helping your site visitors start building their own lists. Just refer them to ListOpt's Coregistration program. When they sign up fo the coregistration service offered by ListOpt, you make a commission.

Very simple.

Click here to check out and sign up for ListOpt's Coregistration affiliate program.

Here's the Marketing copy from ListOpt's web site, that your site visitors witll see:

A subscriber is the most powerful customer you could ever have. As you know, having a powerful newsletter means you have a powerful list of customers who trust you and can provide a never-ending stream of income. Simply put, "Treat a subscriber well, and you'll have a customer for life." But creating that powerful revenue generating list of lifetime customers is the hard part... It could take you years and can cost you a small fortune trying to come up with just the right combinations of advertising and promotions to develop a revenue generating list. But don't worry, you no longer have to put up with all the headaches. Now you can have it practically overnight with our List Builder lead generation service. Just imagine, each morning when you open your email inbox, before even doing an ounce of work, you'll have a subscriber summary report, with the email addresses of hundreds of people who have explicitly requested to be subscribed to your newsletter!

Click here to check out and sign up for ListOpt's Coregistration affiliate program.

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January 05, 2008

A List Of Social Media Web Sites: Directory

Note: This list is currently under construction. I'm working on getting a full list of social media sites put together that will be a complete resource for anyone looking to use social media to build their brand or business. if you know of social media sites which should be included here, please feel free to add them using the comments field below.

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January 03, 2008

What Is Social Media And Why Should You Care About Social Media

Social Media is a buzz word among members of the media and press. Has our entire society gone social?

Well, first, let's take a look at what social media is, using some help from a our (social media) website friend, Wikipedia.

Social media is "participatory online media where news, photos, videos, and podcasts are made public via social media websites through submission."

The definition goes on to say that social media is normally accompanied by a voting process so that media items (i.e. anything talked about, blogged, or captured in audio/video) can become "popular".

Someone later came along to Wikipedia and put this part in...

"Social Media Expanded Definition: Social Media is the democratization of information, transforming people from content readers into content publishers. It is the shift from a broadcast mechanism to a many-to-many model, rooted in conversations between authors, people, and peers."

So basically here's the idea.

Since the invention of the printing press, up until the opening up of the Internet in 1989 and the World Wide Web in 1993 (Thanks Al Gore), the communication (i.e. media) coming from those in the know has been primarily one-sided. Sure, there have always been letters to the editor, but imagine telling the author of an article that you don't like what they had to say, 5 minutes after the article was published, and imagine how you would have to do it if there were no Internet.

That's life without social media.

What social media does is give anyone the opportunity to broadcast information, in a real-time format.

Wikipedia says further that social media uses the combined knowledge and application of lots of people, who are able to collect and tie together all that they know. Social media can be anything from email user group (an early form of social media), forums, and message boards, to weblogs, wikis, podcasts, pictures and video.

Some of the more known social media sites are Google Groups, Wikipedia, MySpace, Facebook,YouTube, Second Life (a virtual reality game where the users actually create the reality in which their characters live), and Flickr (photo sharing).

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December 20, 2007

Mark Joyner's Viral Marketing Tactic On Blogging

So Mark Joyner (who I think I can call a friend at this point... though I've only met him on a few occasions... but did get to have lunch with him twice) has confessed that he isn't a good blogger.

To that I say, "huh?"

I didn't think that about him. Since his launch of "Atomic Mind Bombs", I thought that he would be like a go-to resource on blogging, but he says he's not.

Anyway, Mark's using a viral marketing strategy to get lots of backlinks and get people to post on their blogs about his blogging course that he's written, which he says is a serious credibility gap, since he is a self-professed "official blogging moron".


Here's the crazy thing.

It must be working.


I'm blogging about it, just so I can get my free copy.

Actually, Mark has been of trememdous help to me in my Internet Marketing career, and I don't mind sending him free traffic at all, especially to get the one or two things in his blogging course which I may not know already. So... here's the ad below that he gave me, and if you go to the site, and blog about his course, he'll send a copy of it to you for free too.

Mark's a good guy, and sticks to what he says he will do, so you should probably blog about it and get the course for free as well.

Viral marketing at it's best. Way to go Mark Joyner and Co.

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